Move Forward with Confidence

Gain the insights required to know if your apartment or
student housing project will yield the desired risk and return.

Evaluate Supply and Demand for New Projects with Custom Feasibility Studies

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AXIOFeasibility Value

Understand the viability of your selected project with a custom-designed report.

Know the economic and demographic indicators that drive your project.

Maximize occupancy and rent by planning ideal floor plans, amenities and unit pricing, using analysis of comp properties, absorption rates and property types.

Establish market-appropriate pricing and concessions based on employment and job growth, university enrollment trends and demographic data.

Visualize the future with five-year forecasts for rent, revenue growth and occupancy changes.

Secure financing by presenting a detailed property feasibility study analysis to ensure lender confidence.

Deliver units when supply is short by evaluating current and future development with our pipeline schedule.

Understand relevant factors and competitive position within property’s market and submarket, including proximity to universities, employment hubs and transportation.

Identify factors and conditions for your project to be accepted with fact-based estimates of immediate rent growth and time of stabilization.

Let us analyze the feasibility of your next project.


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