Lend with Confidence


You require precise data and analytics to measure the viability of a potential loan.

Axiometrics offers trusted apartment market reports and property intelligence that enables you to make better lending decisions.

Here’s how:

  • Past View
  • Sales Comps and Historical Transaction Data

Axiometrics’ Sales Comps feature provides the real estate details you need to carefully weigh the merits of a deal.

  • Past, Present & Future Views
  • Project Feasibility Study
  • Axiometrics’ provides in-depth research and exclusive insight into what’s happening at the local level, including key indicators for a property’s potential risk regarding loan default.
  • Compare specific property or portfolio performance with the industry’s only comparison tool, and learn about the pipeline near you with information on properties in lease-up, under construction and planned.

Future View

  • Pinpoint property strengths and potential threats.
  • Axiometrics’ pipeline and construction tracking provides precise visibility into identified supply, potential demand and the anticipated impact on the market.

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