Our Story

Founded in 1995, Axiometrics was the pioneer in providing market intelligence to the apartment and student housing real-estate sectors. With top economists and researchers analyzing market data, and skilled product experts driving new innovation, we have continuously offered a variety of new solutions to serve our clients and the industry.

Our research and forecasts are used to make strategic investment, development and management decisions in the apartment and student housing sectors.

Axiometrics surveys and researches properties in over 500 apartment markets and 637 universities nationwide to provide our clients with accurate, timely same-store market intelligence. Particularly powerful is the ability to analyze the data by multiple variables such as asset class and age; specific competitive floor plans; as well as historical data at an asset level.

Axiometrics provides clients with forecasts of same-store fundamentals by market, submarket and asset. In addition to analyzing current and historical data, Axiometrics tracks new construction, giving a detailed view of future new supply by submarket, by quarter.

Whether diversifying assets, identifying development opportunities, monitoring the competition, leveraging pipeline visibility or comparing portfolio performance, Axiometrics provides the answers.



As of February 2017, Axiometrics is now a RealPage® company.


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